Pet Angel Memorial Center® understands the bond shared with your pet—he or she was a true family member, whose passing has left a space in your heart that you sometimes think can never be healed. But with time, compassion, and understanding, you can recover from the grief and find ways to cherish the memory of your special companion.

Specializing solely in pet after-care, Pet Angel Memorial Center® is a best-in-class pet cremation service that provides an unmatched level of service to address your specific needs with respectful, compassionate care. We provide pet families with personalized cremation services, featuring Truly Private Pet Cremations, as well as guidance in a difficult time.

In addition to our memorial center cremation services, we provide pet families with materials specially developed by our grief specialist, Dana Durrance, which address both pre-planning and after-care options for your beloved pet. Our website also features a monthly blog, a pet memorial page for sharing pictures and feelings, and a variety of remembrance items to help you preserve the memories of the life you shared. Pet Angel Memorial Center® provides pet families with everything necessary to commemorate the life of your pet.

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Caring for pet families and the environment

Pet Angel Memorial Center® utilizes modern, innovative equipment that can process Truly Private Cremations (only your pet in the cremation chamber) with up to 80% less fuel usage and carbon emissions than the traditional equipment.

While many pet cremation services claim to process "Private Cremations," make sure to inquire if they do in fact place your pet alone into the cremation chamber to ensure you are receiving the service you want and your pet deserves.

Having ourselves experienced the emotional bond between pets and their families, Pet Angel Memorial Center® treats you and your family with the understanding and respect deserved by any family who has lost a very special member. We provide you with dignified after-care solutions and guidance, as well as compassionate support during a challenging time.