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CREATE … bubble bombs | a simple experiment perfect for the 4th


It’s great to be home after a fantastic, but long, family road trip out west. We started out driving from Kansas City to Moab and explored Arches National Park (which is truly unbelievable) journeyed on through the desert, took a drive through Yosemite, connected with dear friends in California and hiked through the Calaveras Big Trees State Park.  It was an unforgettable adventure and will post more about our hikes soon.

In the meantime … This boy was cooped up in the car way too long and could not wait to make something the day he came home. We found this simple experiment he could do himself with a little assistance the first time. He had a blast and it’s much safer than a real explosive!! We moved it outdoors after mixing up the vinegar and water, because it indeed explodes. It’s perfect for the 4th and requires a few simple ingredients… vinegar, baking soda, plastic bag, and a paper towel.

Simple directions here for Bubble Bombs from Exploratorium. They have a great website that I’m anxious to further explore.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!


CREATE … gak bubbles … not sure we can top this one.


So, I have decided to add at least one weekly experiment (maybe more) into our summer routine. I thought it would be easy enough just to add on the ingredients to our grocery list (if we didn’t have them at home) and commit to doing at least one new experiment a week. This one for GAK bubbles was a huge hit and we spent a good couple of hours making and playing with the GAK slime and making bubbles. This recipe is a little different than typical GAK and is so much fun. I found it here at Twodaloo. We used regular elmers glue, not the clear elmers, but followed the rest of the directions. We played with the consistency a little, but the finished gak made excellent bubbles. I love the simplicity of ingredients. Elmers glue and Sta-Flo liquid starch, with an optional couple of drops of food coloring.We used large straws only because we had them handy, but I would have to agree that they make better bubbles than smaller ones.







Not sure we can top this one, it was so much fun for all of us. We are on a quest now to find a bulk supply of elmers glue. James wants to share some GAK for his birthday!

CREATE … with a simple “go to” art activity | simon says


Ever since I saw this activity here on The Artful Parent many moons ago it has been a favorite ” go to ” activity in so many situations. Mostly I have used it while prepping dinner, but it has served as the perfect activity during long and short car rides, restaurant visits, and random times of the day. It’s such an EASY, yet stimulating, game and can be played so many ways + it’s the most requested one in the house. First, have your child (or children) obtain a drawing surface … paper or sketchpad. (sketchpads are great to see the progression of creativity… maybe even leave a few in the kitchen solely for “simon says art” ). Then say Simon says “draw a sailboat, or a train, or a jungle scene”.  Another idea is progression drawing. Simon says “Draw a flower. Now,  Simon says “draw someone picking the flower”. The possibilities are endless. Have them fill the page with their creations. When working with different ages it sometimes works well to give them each something different to draw. We have progressed from simple shapes to very detailed people with armor and actions and detailed journeys and adventures.  This is also a great art activity to engage the entire family. Cover the table with brown kraft paper and fill it with drawings. Recently, after some blank moments as “Simon” I enlisted siblings to choose the theme for each other. This has worked out so well I can’t believe it took me so long to think of this version. I really have found that the simplest of activities have been the most rewarding and stress free.




This activity occupies these two very well while I’m making dinner.