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CREATE … glossy egg yolk tempura paint using fun dip from valentine’s day treats


I guess this was the year of receiving fun dip as a Valentine treat. My kids know by now just to hand it over to me. Trust me, they get a lot of treats (they’re not deprived). This dye loaded candy just makes the best art supplies and experiments. They’re smart enough (at least the readers) to look at the ingredients and see which treats will make cool experiments, or in this case glossy paint. Egg tempura painting is an ancient painting technique and was used by many early renaissance painters. 




Using the egg yolk gives the paintings a great glossy look after they’re dry and the sugar crystals create a great texture. Emma had a sweetheart brand of fun dip that made hers more of a vivid color.


We modified the egg tempura paint recipe from this list and replaced the food coloring with the fun dip. There are many other homemade paint recipes to try here. Let me know if you experiment with any you like. 

Fun Dip Egg Yolk Tempura Paint
1 egg yolk
1/4 tsp. water
1/2 to 1 pack of fun dip 

Mix all ingredients together. Here’s some inspiration for the leftover egg whites.

Another way we like to use colored powdered candies is to mix them with baking soda and vinegar for a little colored volcano explosions. Go outside, take some dirt and form a mound, make a hole/indention at the top and pour baking soda and vinegar (and optional candy powder) in to make the lava. Loads of fun!

So, if you ever find yourself with an overload of treats with added dyes try out some paint experiments.

Have fun!

– Julie

CREATE … recycled paper towel roll hearts w/ pencils for valentine’s day

If you’re looking for a simple last minute valentine (and you collect paper towel rolls), this is it! Made with recycled paper rolls, paint, a hole punch, and a pencil. We used the Treesmart recycled newspaper pencils that I added to the Garden Seed Kit, but any pencil will be fine.

IMG_9327 IMG_9329 IMG_9330



Gather some saved paper rolls.

Have your kids add paint. We used tempura paint and then after they dried they added some designs with Craypas oil pastel.

Cut tubes into 1″ widths (we used a decorative scissors, but any scissors will work).

Punch a 1/4″ hole on each side of the cut circles and add your pencil. You will have to push a little to work the pencil in, but it should fit snugly and not fall out.

Form the circle into a heart and add a tag. The boys wrote “you’re sharp” on the front and signed the back.

Simple, Simple!

Enjoy the weekend!


CREATE … recycled lacing heart valentines


Well, most of your preschool kids have probably decided on valentines for this year but just in case they’re looking for an easy, recycled craft or valentine to give, these lacing hearts were a lot of fun for this little girl. I’m really trying hard to use/reuse some of the materials that we have on hand, so for valentines this year I cut out cardboard hearts similar to the recycled coffee/tea sleeve hearts we did last year and let E collage away. Since kids get an overload of candy, this gives them a fun activity as an alternative.







Cut out hearts from thin recycled cardboard

Punch holes (1/4″ hole punch) around the outside edge

Have your child decorate (paint, stamp, tape, eraser stamp) the heart.

Let the hearts dry and then tie a button with yarn (20-25″ long) to one of the holes and tape the bundle of yarn on the back, leaving room for them to sign their name and a friend’s name. If you don’t have buttons just tie the yarn around one of the punched holes.

I added a little tape at the end of the yarn to make it easier for kids to grab the end, but this is an optional step.


P.S. another recycled valentine is on the way for all ages.