NOURISH …. with spiced cocoa made with almond milk and coconut oil


Sipping cocoa is simply a very special time in our house!!  It makes some of these long, cold winter days a little more fun, especially on snowy, sledding days.  We don’t drink much dairy, so using almond milk is a great substitution. The spices add tasty flavor and the coconut oil makes it rich and creamy.

DIRECTIONS | this makes one cup, so adjust amounts for how many will be joining you.

warm 1 cup unsweetened almond milk

whisk in …

1 T unsweetened good quality cocoa powder or  raw cocoa

1/2 t. coconut oil

2 t. honey

one pinch each of cinnamon, cayenne, and sea salt  (feel free to adjust seasonings)

pour and enjoy sipping your cocoa

Another option is to use 1/3 of a Green and Black’s Maya Gold chocolate bar (infused with orange and spices) in place of the cocoa, honey and spices in the recipe above.  Simply heat your almond milk and whisk in the chopped chocolate bar and coconut oil.

Adding the coconut milk, along with having so many healthy benefits, also soothes chapped winter lips while sipping your cocoa.  Read more here about the great benefits of adding coconut oil into your beauty and kitchen routine.


– julie