NOURISH + CREATE … with wrapped biscotti and truffles for valentine’s day | by five and one


Here is a simple way to add a creative touch to homemade sweet treats and also an easy one for the kiddos to help with. Have them help with the baking of the truffles and biscotti and let them wrap up their own creations.  Wax crayons also work fantastic on wax paper!!

Wrapping supplies and directions for wrapped biscotti

wax paper

paper or vellum for cutting hearts and strips

washi tape for securing

Cut wax paper to desired size and wrap around two biscotti. Secure with washi tape and a heart or washi tape and strips of paper.  Experiment with items you have on hand.

The Biscotti recipe is from Jen Altman. I made ours gluten-free by using a gluten free flour blend, but the original recipe is quite tasty too!



Wrapping supplies and directions for wrapped truffles

wax paper

decorative scissors (optional)

gold paperclips or mini wooden clothespins

assorted papers

washi tape

Cut out triangular pieces of wax paper approx 5 x 5 x 7 and roll into cone shapes. Secure with your desired fastener. For one design I used a gold paperclip and strips of red and hot pink colored vellum. The next I cut out a red heart from vellum paper and used gold washi tape to secure. The last design is a strip of brown card stock stamped with hearts and attached with a brown mini clothespin. The edges can be cut with decorative scissors or kept straight. Again, experiment with items you have on hand. Two truffles will fit into each cone.

The yummy recipe for the date truffles is from Green Kitchen Stories.


– julie