NEST … with inspiration from the creative mothers in my life


This Mother’s Day made me think fondly of all the creative talent that my mom and mother-in-law have and how much my children absolutely adore and cherish the handmade gifts from their dear grandma and grammie!


The kids and my amazing mom … they love their sweet grandma! My mom has such a special gift of patience and creativity. She has always made loving gifts for all of her 21 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren and she even made my wedding dress!!


These blankets lovingly made by my mom are the ones my boys sleep with, snuggle up with when they watch movies, use to build forts, hold tight when they are sick, scared, or sleepless, take on long trips, and the ones we pack along to go camping. These are just a couple of the many blankets handmade by my mom and usually a few are always found on their bed for snuggling.


More handmade goodness from my mom and my aunt Anna Louise


A special dress made by my mom.

My kids prefer to have my mom mend all of their clothes, they have even asked her to mend their socks (that I did not allow her to do). I COULD mend their clothes, but grandma’s mending is ALWAYS much better and filled with more love and way more patience.


My dear sweet girl and her Grammie (my mother- in-law).


Grammie made a collection of doll clothes with great little details… mini buttons, ribbon, rickrack, and coordinating fabric. She also lovingly makes fantastic photo albums of the entire family (8 siblings and families, soon to be 26 grandchildren!!). Each family sends their favorite pictures and she creatively weaves a year long story through an album of pictures and presents it to us at Christmas. It is such a cherished gift for our family and definitely a labor of love.



Reflecting on the love and patience of my mom and my mother-in-law allows me to appreciate motherhood even more and value the importance of making and creating for my children and with my children.

I know firsthand how much time it takes to make something by hand, but the meaning and connection is so strong when time is spent laboring over a crafted gift for a loved one.

What handmade gifts are special to you and your family? I would love to hear.

Thank you Moms, we are so blessed!


One Comment on "NEST … with inspiration from the creative mothers in my life"

  1. jackie says:

    What a sweet post Julie, I loved all the pictures of the kids with their homemades.
    We have a special quilt with animals on it that was Joel’s (or Mary’s, depending on who you ask) that Honey sewed, Papa drew the animals, and Grammie embroidered.