NEST + CREATE… let’s just make it to spring


I believe this tent has been up for over a month now and has been used for playing, reading, drawing, sleeping and simply being an extra space to nest during this snowy winter.  Up until this weekend I have adapted to having the tent up and it actually makes me long for camping in the warmer weather but after yet another snowy cooped up day the boys asked if it could be used as a soccer shooting goal. Tempting, yes, although it would probably not be useable as an actual tent for camping after that. It was quite a fun room while it lasted and we will certainly be doing it again!



We have had these puzzles for a couple of years now and the boys are finally excited to work together and complete them, thanks to my mom. She was patient enough to spark their interest and finish one with them.


This has been a great year round book to have, especially in the winter. Origami on the Go. The recommended age is 9+ but our 7 yr old is able to do quite a few of the projects.

Another favorite for these indoor days has been making paper airplanes, so simple and so fun. Here’s a favorite.


Above is the aftermath of a couple of days with daddy out of town, bitter coldness, and more snow outside. You would not think by looking but we have cleaned it off between meals, only to have it migrate back QUICKLY. This picture was taken just before dinnertime and I was really tempted to have a picnic dinner on the floor but I knew that Monday morning would roll around and a clean table would be well worth the cleanup. (Note… monday did roll around before posting this and we had another snow day!)


Oh, and soccer practice started this week, so now our house has turned into an indoor soccer field!!

I welcome any fun indoor winter goodness + activities you may want to share.

Enjoy the week!


4 Comments on "NEST + CREATE… let’s just make it to spring"

  1. shannon says:

    hopefully we won’t have to make up too many days. LOVE your house from what I can see in pictures! Bet it is amazing inside!!!

    Stay Warm and remember Spring has to come eventually :)

  2. Jackie says:

    Well, aside from chasing each other around like crazies… We have been reading a lot from a book of 1,001 Nights and some Greek myths. Lots of art work, and over spring break we are going to make a cardboard city. Dreaming of outside too!