NEST + NOURISH … bye, bye microwave



Okay… not sure why it has taken so long to stop using the microwave. It’s been two weeks without it and we haven’t looked back. Actually, I look where it use to be and feel peace because I have a newfound space for nourishing food and a favorite vintage danish decanter, a gift for Christian. Every time I used it I would “lightly” think about the health risks and if it was destroying enzymes in our food? Ours was actually not heating very fast anyway. For example, if I was heating a bowl of soup the stove was just as fast, if not faster. Thanks to St. Nicholas and his family gift of a whirlipop there’s no need for microwave popcorn anymore either, plus it’s just not a good idea anyway!

I’m sure there may be some inconvenient times, but I haven’t found any yet (and I’m in the kitchen ALWAYS).

Not sure you want to make the leap? Just test it out for a couple of weeks. You may be surprised at how gratifying it is to live without one.

Happy weekend!


5 Comments on "NEST + NOURISH … bye, bye microwave"

  1. shannon says:

    I’m totally bye bye microwave however my hubby is no way I love the microwave. Needless to say if and when I ever get a new kitchen: no microwave or dishwasher {I like to hand wash the dishes}.

  2. shannon says:

    forgot to say we have a whirlypop also. got it for a blog review, how did we ever live with out it! LOVE it!!!

    • Julie says:

      Not sure I could hand wash dishes. I’m so TIRED by after dinnertime + my husband has taken on that task and I know he would not be on board with washing every dish! Yes the whirlypop is great! My older son loves making our popcorn with it.

  3. alycia says:

    So glad I found your blog! It’s great! What an amazing home you have!

    We’ve been without a microwave for over 5 years. I don’t miss it one bit! I actually enjoy the extra moments warming in front of the stove. My world doesn’t need to move so fast as to require push button ready food.