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NOURISH + CREATE … keeping the little ones busy during last minute christmas baking

As much fun as it is to bake with my kids, ’tis the week where I need a little quality baking time alone! Below are some ideas to keep the little ones engaged and learning and their creative little hands and brains busy. The Kid Should See This is one of our all time favorite websites (and, sorry, I may have shared it with you before, but it is worth sharing again). If you have not perused their highly curated range of videos, it is so worth your while. The only problem is that you will want to watch them too, allowing little time for baking. They have categories for nature, chemistry, winter, animation, food, animals, space, technology, art, science, and so many more. I included links below of a couple of videos from their site. Check out their other videos tagged winter, snow, and ice. This is such a fun and educational resource that our family loves!! Click on the image below to go to explore their website.


The Kid Should See This video | Hitching a ride with reindeer herders

The Kid Should See This video | Tissue Paper Animals

Below are a collection of free printables for the littles. The snow globes are so fun and would also be great as a gift tag. Supply them with some of the tags below, kraft paper, and ribbon and let them wrap some gifts. Our youngest likes to take random toys and wrap them up and decorate the paper. If they would like to make their own wrapping take a look at the string painting on paper sacks we did last year.


Snowglobe printable | Handmade Charlotte


 Forest animal gift tags | Sanae Ishida


More forest animal gift tags | Jones Design Company


Super fun oversized safari animal gift tags | Sweet Paul

Have fun finishing up your holiday baking and packaging. Here are a few more gift tags that I posted last year.


CREATE … reusable fabric gift wrap DIY | by five and one

This one you may have already seen if you were following along on Facebook before the blog was up and running. I wanted to share it and have a place for it on the blog. It is such a simple way to add pattern and color to solid leftover fabric, giving it new life to pass on for someone else to reuse.


I used it to wrap up this crazy good venezuelan spiced cocoa from Christopher Elbow, a local Kansas City chocolatier.


Moo Carve – available at most art and craft stores in a variety of sizes. I used the 2-1/2 square and it worked nicely for stamping.

Carving tools – this is the one that I have. You can also buy individual carving tools too and also using clay sculpting tools. Use these tools carefully, they are very sharp and I don’t recommend this for a child craft.

Color Box pigment stamp pad – I used moss green. These pigments are not washable, so if you would like it to be a washable fabric use a fabric paint. I just like how easy it is to use the stamp pad and my intent is for this to just be used again as a gift wrap.

Canvas or other fabric you may have. Be sure to test a small area of fabric to see if it takes the color well.


For carving the stamp, draw a design in pencil on your Moo Carve and carve out between your design. Clearly it does not have to look pretty (just look at the photo below).

Start applying the stamp with color onto your fabric, let dry,

and that’s it!


The most time consuming part of the project is carving the stamp, which really does not take long, and then you can keep reusing the stamp for other projects.  Again, just be very careful and go slow with these sharp wood carving tools. Below are a couple of photos of artwork that I have created using this same stamp.



 Enjoy creating!!


NEST + CREATE … great day for snow play + cocoa + holiday playlist



It’s a great day for snow play. E’s instructions for a creation | Fill cups with snow, add a little water, add nature collections – acorns, berries, leaves, etc. and carefully carry to the freezer / trying hard not to leave large puddles on the kitchen floor while carrying from sink to freezer : ) Not sure what the next part of the experiment will be but we’ll keep you posted.

It’s also the perfect day for some cocoa and snow stamping!

We’re listening to a great holiday playlist from the Anthropologie blog and making a list for holiday baking. Feeling festive on this snowy monday.