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NOURISH …. with comfort food | a couple of local favorites

What a perfect way to spend a Saturday morning in Kansas City! {Thanks Erin for the heads up that Uncommon Stock is now open}.  I LOVE to cook and I really LOVE to make soup … but some days, especially really chilly days, it’s nice to have an easy, yet tasty meal… and here it is …. bread and soup from two local favorites.

Two of our favorite family breakfast spots in town are Happy Gillis, in Columbus Park + their second location Genessee Royale, in the West Bottoms.  Way back when they opened Happy Gillis you could order their delicious soup and take it home. Well, slowly over time, the restaurant side took over (and is absolutely fantastic) and the soup took a bit of a back burner.  Thankfully, the soup is back, all on its own, at Uncommon Stock  just a few doors down from Happy Gillis.  Open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for takeout with the soup menu changing weekly. Sign up for updates on weekly soups here.

Just look at the ingredients for the soups above!!  On this particular outing I picked up the Sweet Potato/ Chipotle soup with Apple and the Simple Tortilla Soup to freeze for later.  So, so good.

NEXT STOP  …. homemade bread from Fervere bakery on Summit

They have numerous freshly baked breads to choose from and it’s really such a bummer that I am gluten sensitive because I LOVE bread of all kinds!  So, for an occasional treat I indulge in the Orchard loaf filled with dried apricots, apples, and walnuts and the Grain travel loaf made with an incredible blend of grains including wheat, rye, amaranth, quinoa, flax, oats, millet, polenta, sesame and sunflower seeds.

I won’t lie, the kids and I have almost polished off an orchard loaf on the way home from the bakery … it’s that good!

I hope you enjoy these two local favorites as much as we do and please share some of your own family comfort food favorites (recipes or restaurants).

Have a great weekend!