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CREATE … reusable fabric gift wrap DIY | by five and one

This one you may have already seen if you were following along on Facebook before the blog was up and running. I wanted to share it and have a place for it on the blog. It is such a simple way to add pattern and color to solid leftover fabric, giving it new life to pass on for someone else to reuse.


I used it to wrap up this crazy good venezuelan spiced cocoa from Christopher Elbow, a local Kansas City chocolatier.


Moo Carve – available at most art and craft stores in a variety of sizes. I used the 2-1/2 square and it worked nicely for stamping.

Carving tools – this is the one that I have. You can also buy individual carving tools too and also using clay sculpting tools. Use these tools carefully, they are very sharp and I don’t recommend this for a child craft.

Color Box pigment stamp pad – I used moss green. These pigments are not washable, so if you would like it to be a washable fabric use a fabric paint. I just like how easy it is to use the stamp pad and my intent is for this to just be used again as a gift wrap.

Canvas or other fabric you may have. Be sure to test a small area of fabric to see if it takes the color well.


For carving the stamp, draw a design in pencil on your Moo Carve and carve out between your design. Clearly it does not have to look pretty (just look at the photo below).

Start applying the stamp with color onto your fabric, let dry,

and that’s it!


The most time consuming part of the project is carving the stamp, which really does not take long, and then you can keep reusing the stamp for other projects.  Again, just be very careful and go slow with these sharp wood carving tools. Below are a couple of photos of artwork that I have created using this same stamp.



 Enjoy creating!!


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CREATE … thank you notes | made for kids | free template by five and one




Instill the act of gratitude in your children by letting them create Thank You Notes to send any time of the year with a little help from these templates.

Enjoy these free templates for printing thank you cards and  let your children add their own creative artwork. The options for artwork are endless. For the cards above my kids used pencil erasers as stamps, hole punches to create connect the dot abstract art, and a cutout heart. The artwork is attached to the cards with various styles of washi tape. You can also add a simple note under their artwork on the card stock. These notes allow you to start with a template and then allow your child to be creative and add a drawing or use recycled materials you already have at home to finish the note. For the older set, I have included templates with writing lines so they can add their own handwritten note.

I printed the cards above on creme and kraft paper card stock and used a 4″ x 9″  envelope.

printing note … save these templates to your desktop before printing for best results.

template with blue thank you

template with blue thank you | writing lines

template with red thank you

template with red thank you | writing lines



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CREATE … five and one DIY projects page | new link on the sidebar


Feeling Crafty? Here are past DIY projects that I have posted on the blog that are now available on one page to easily access (also available as a link on the sidebar).   Enjoy!


Nature Bracelets (these are also great in the Fall)


A Gift of Thanks | Yummy Pumpkin Squash butter w/free printable gift tag

Dried Autumn Florals

Words of Gratitude |Leaf place settings


Citrus Bird Feeders

DIY wrapping paper made with string + paper bags

Snow painting + stamping

Handmade ornaments

Woodland glass ornaments


Growing Microgreens

Nourish Bug bites w/ soothing basil leaves


Naturally Sweet Valentine DIY with healthy fruit strips w/ free printable

Lovely Valentine Notes wrapped in Sycamore Bark

Recycled Collage Valentine’s

Stick Around Valentine DIY w/ free printable

Valentine’s Day Truffle and Biscotti Wrappers


Mother’s Day Essential Oil Scents w/ free printable

Mother’s Day Citrus + Herb sea salt w/ free printable


Vintage button ponytail holders

- Julie

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