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NEST + NOURISH … inspiration from HALO worldwide|open wide your hearts to give

I have posted in the past about the HALO Foundation (Helping Art Liberate Orphans) and their passion for empowering youth to succeed through art therapy and education. Being Valentines Day, I thought it was fitting to feature their passionate mission and their love for the youth they take care of. HALO’s theme for this year is “Make Your Mark”. In HALO’s  own words ” 2014 is all about empowering you to make your mark on the world by changing the lives of at-risk youth everywhere”.  HALO is hosting their Annual ArtReach Auction on February 28th and you can find more information about it here. There are also many other ways to help HALO with their mission that I have listed below. I recently had dinner with the HALO team (thank you ladies!) and Mary Pryse, one of their inspirational ambassadors working in Uganda. She talked passionately about the youth that she works with daily and shared stories of their struggles before and triumphs after being taken in by HALO. I encourage you to read more here on Mary’s blog about the fantastic impact she is making on these youth. It has been so inspiring getting to know Rebecca, the founder of HALO, and her passionate team. They are truly making hearts happy!! Read a recent People Magazine article about the progression of HALO and how they are impacting youth right here in Kansas City as well as other countries.


 Top left image | Villages in Uganda by Mark from Uganda. Botton right image | Safe Haven by Eunice from Kenya.

Safe Haven, shown above, and other works by HALO youth are available for sale right here with all proceeds benefitting HALO youth. Some featured works will be auction items at the HALO ArtReach Auction, including the Villages in Uganda shown above.  Read more about Mark’s art  and his journey with HALO.

The HALO Mission

The HALO Foundation empowers youth in the greatest need to become contributing members of their communities. We are a volunteer-driven, grassroots non-profit with 87 percent of donations going directly to programs. Internationally, HALO supports 11 orphanages and programs in Uganda, Kenya, Mexico, India, and Nicaragua. This includes providing food, water, shelter, clothing, education, art therapy, caretakers, and vocational training or college for youth in the greatest need. Domestically, HALO supports future-focused programming for at-risk youth to help them set tangible goals for becoming contributing members of their communities. HALO currently has HALO Centers in Kansas City, Missouri and Jefferson City, Missouri, and programming in Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles.

– HALO foundation

If you live in Kansas City please think about attending their Annual ArtReach Auction or consider donating in other ways listed below.

Global Giving Page

Halos Top 5 Needs

 Halo craft supply wish list

Halo options to give without spending

Enjoy the weekend!


NOURISH + CREATE … inspired by the HALO foundation


Take a look at this fantastic worldwide foundation based right here in Kansas City.  Halo stands for Helping Art Liberate Orphans. “Liberating through Art” how exciting!! They have a strong focus on providing art therapy for the children that they work with. In addition to helping children globally and across the US, they are helping at risk children right here at their headquarters in the West Bottoms of Kansas City.  My thesis in college was designing an Art Therapy Center for children and know first hand how powerful it can be for these children to express emotions through art. I worked closely with Raw Arts, a great Art Therapy program in Boston and it left me with a passionate heart for artistic therapy and how it can change lives.

I had the opportunity to meet the founder this past weekend and witness how incredibly passionate her whole team is about providing this supportive, nourishing, and creative network for children worldwide. Look here for ways to connect with Halo, learn about Club Halo and possibly host a fundraiser at your school for them.

Hope you are inspired by HALO and inspired to promote their creative spirit!


NOURISH …. the hungry with free rice while learning as a family

Discussions in our household lately have revolved around how we can be more helpful to others and be conscious and thankful for all that we have, especially when food is wasted or when we have battles at the dinner table about the menu.  This, in turn, spirals into a discussion about how we have so much and others have so little.  We have many ways to help feed the hungry and to help locally in our city, with Harvesters being one of the great ones.  When it comes to global world hunger though, Free Rice is a great online trivia game for kids + adults to help and really know that they are FEEDING someone + learning in a very tangible way.

TALK ABOUT FANTASTIC !!  Some of you may already know about Free Rice, it has been around since 2007, and has claimed Time magazines top 50 websites twice.  It is a remarkable concept using trivia questions to teach math, vocabulary, science, art, and many other subjects to children and adults. With each right answer you donate 10 grains of rice.  With billions of people playing around the world, this adds up in a big way!    Take a look at the following videos for more info on Free Rice.

The boys are having a blast answering the trivia questions, watching their grains of rice fill up the wooden bowl, and, most importantly, they think it is so cool that they are feeding hungry children around the world.  This is also great for some interactive family time, since parents can answer some of the tougher questions and brush up on their skills.

I hope your family has as much fun with this as ours and please share any creative ideas you have for teaching your children the value of giving and giving thanks for all that they have.