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NOURISH … gleaning food for society of saint andrew | SOSA

NOTE : SOSA West has closed doors. The new local Kansas City Gleaning organization is called After the Harvest



This summer we have had the chance to volunteer a few times for Society of Saint Andrew’s (SOSA) and it’s such an incredible organization doing so much good. SOSA is a national organization but they have a regional office here in Kansas City. They work with local farmers who donate extra food they grow or sometimes farmers that grow food solely for donating to SOSA. Then they rely on volunteers to come and glean the food for donation.  How great to be able to harvest and donate freshly grown food, that would otherwise go to waste, to food pantries as an alternative to the more common boxed, canned, and processed food. They LOVE to have families come and help with collecting food from the farms and it’s a great way to teach children about where their food comes from. So far we have helped prepare a field for planting watermelons that we will soon be gleaning from and we have gleaned lettuces, swiss chard, kale, and turnips. Groups that volunteer can decide if they would like to take the food to their own church food pantry or SOSA will take it to a pantry in need right after harvesting the food. The times that we have collected, we were able to take food directly to a local food kitchen and experience first hand who would be nourished by the food that day.

If you are interested in volunteering for SOSA, contact Karin Page through this website for SOSA west (the regional office) and ask to be added to their emails. If you are in another area of the country visit their main website here and find out how you can help. They are also willing to come and speak to groups before volunteering to engage interest and then they will send out emails for upcoming opportunities. Right now is prime time for harvesting so much in our area along with gleans at apple orchards and pumpkin and squash farms. Anyone local has probably heard of Carolyn’s Country Cousins. In November, they have their annual million pound squash glean where they take the harvested squash to food banks throughout the great plains and they really need volunteers for this.

IMG_1050 IMG_1053 IMG_1054

Taking a break to taste some turnips.






This fantastic Farmer, Joe Jennings(farmer joe), in the background donates an extremely large portion of what he grows. He is always there working when we arrive and continues to work while we glean. He believes in giving what you have to receive all that is good and often asks “Who have you helped today? If you haven’t helped anyone, you haven’t helped yourself.” He also offers a CSA subscription where you can come and pick your own vegetables and fruits throughout the season whenever you would like. If you have an interest you can contact Karin Page through SOSA for his information.


Sometimes, after gleaning, the kids have the opportunity to weigh the food and write down the amounts so that SOSA can track how much food has been harvested.

Below are just a few current requests for volunteers from their current newsletter. These are such fantastic ways to connect with your family and friends and build a nourishing community. Again, please contact Karin Page at SOSA if any of these sound interesting to you.

Apples: August – November: Sign up Now to glean! Starting this weekend we will be gleaning apples until the first freeze.  Please help us save millions of apples this year by getting your school, scout troop, rotary club, church, synagogue, youth groups, business, food pantry, family, friends, neighborhood, to help us pick apples. The apple trees are at orchards and homes in Overland Park, Olathe, Bonner Springs, Weston, Kansas City, KS, and Independence and Lexington, MO.  Please contact me and let me know what day (Monday through Saturday) that you’d like to glean!

The MILLION Pound Squash Glean: November 3rd – 9th. NOTE THIS INFORMATION IS FROM LAST YEAR.

Please SIGN UP in advance for this glean – we will be at Carolyn’s Country Cousin Pumpkin Patch Sunday through Saturday, Nov. 3rd – 9th.  We will have semi-trucks from foodbanks all over the Great Plains states coming to get squash. I need at least 1,000 volunteers over this 7 day period to make this happen!  See the attached flyer for more information.

2 acre Sweet Corn Glean in Bucyrus, KS (25 min south of KC).  Possibly Saturday, August 10th or Monday August 12th (or maybe even the Friday before) we will be picking corn in Bucyrus, KS. This farm is just 1.25 miles from exit 223, so it’s very easy to get to and it’s not far from KC.  Please clear your calendars for this glean. We can get this easily if we had 100 volunteers.  You know the drill: we need pickers and drivers! Tell everyone you know!

Virtual Volunteers Needed. We need one person to help us keep track of Table Captains and attendees for our “After the Harvest” Breakfast in October. We will be starting to recruit attendees, as soon as we find a willing volunteer to help us keep track of names and e-mail addresses of attendees in an excel spreadsheet. If this is your cup of tea, please let me know ASAP.

Help us find volunteers. We need people to help find volunteers (calling scouts, schools, churches, pantries, etc.) to notify them of our upcoming apples and squash glean.  Please let me know if you can help us!

Thanks SOOOOO very, very much for helping us save this nutritious food and get it to people in need!  This year we have saved over 823,380 pounds, but I’d like to make it an extra 2,000,000 with apples and squashes!

So many great ways to help…please pass this on to any groups or families that you know that might like to be involved with this fantastic organization.


NEST … recycle + color series | by five and one



A nesting series pairing an interior image for inspiration that includes a recycled detail or vintage/reclaimed furnishing + color palette inspiration for paint, textile, and accessories. Images for color palettes may include the work of an artist, a textile, or a natural environment.

I am mixing in more of the NEST portion of Five and One with this new series, since before staying home with my lovely children my background included Interior Architecture and Design and Furniture Design. I will be focusing on featuring ideas for blending recycled and reclaimed furniture and finishes to complement the modern home. 

I know it has been awhile since I have posted any inspiration for the home. Mostly because my days are spent outdoors with the kiddos, in the garden, or in our own kitchen cooking together. The summer schedule does not allow as much time for blogging but, better yet, more time for family experiences. I wish I could share them all with you but that is just not in the cards at the moment. It is just way too great of a summer to be spending it indoors at a computer.

Since a great amount of my time IS spent in the kitchen I do have an affinity for nicely designed ones. For this recycle + color post I chose a dreamy kitchen with what looks like a wall of reclaimed wood contrasted with a glossy white  finish on the cabinets. The copper accents and lighting blend in nicely along with the vintage stool. A painting like this one by Yolanda Sanchez would add a punch of summer color into this monochromatic glossy white space and the color combo is so refreshing. View more of her paintings here via booooooom.

Elmwood, located here in Kansas City, is a great resource for reclaimed flooring and paneling. Take a look at their website for more inspiration.

kitchen image found via wit and delight.

happy weekend!



NOURISH …. with comfort food | a couple of local favorites

What a perfect way to spend a Saturday morning in Kansas City! {Thanks Erin for the heads up that Uncommon Stock is now open}.  I LOVE to cook and I really LOVE to make soup … but some days, especially really chilly days, it’s nice to have an easy, yet tasty meal… and here it is …. bread and soup from two local favorites.

Two of our favorite family breakfast spots in town are Happy Gillis, in Columbus Park + their second location Genessee Royale, in the West Bottoms.  Way back when they opened Happy Gillis you could order their delicious soup and take it home. Well, slowly over time, the restaurant side took over (and is absolutely fantastic) and the soup took a bit of a back burner.  Thankfully, the soup is back, all on its own, at Uncommon Stock  just a few doors down from Happy Gillis.  Open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for takeout with the soup menu changing weekly. Sign up for updates on weekly soups here.

Just look at the ingredients for the soups above!!  On this particular outing I picked up the Sweet Potato/ Chipotle soup with Apple and the Simple Tortilla Soup to freeze for later.  So, so good.

NEXT STOP  …. homemade bread from Fervere bakery on Summit

They have numerous freshly baked breads to choose from and it’s really such a bummer that I am gluten sensitive because I LOVE bread of all kinds!  So, for an occasional treat I indulge in the Orchard loaf filled with dried apricots, apples, and walnuts and the Grain travel loaf made with an incredible blend of grains including wheat, rye, amaranth, quinoa, flax, oats, millet, polenta, sesame and sunflower seeds.

I won’t lie, the kids and I have almost polished off an orchard loaf on the way home from the bakery … it’s that good!

I hope you enjoy these two local favorites as much as we do and please share some of your own family comfort food favorites (recipes or restaurants).

Have a great weekend!