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CREATE … aromatic sea salt coconut oil hand scrub |mother’s day DIY with free gift tag template



The past two years I have offered a DIY project to make for Mother’s Day to pamper the lovely ladies in your life. The first one, a Citrus Herb + Sea Salt (with gift tag template) to use for cooking and the second, an Essential Oil Scent (with gift tag template) for uplifting the mood and aromatherapy. This year I have combined sea salt with essential oils, adding in nourishing coconut oil, to create a soothing hand scrub. I decided to use small jars typically used for gourmet honeys and top them with items that I have collected, including vintage rice paper napkins that my mother-in-law bought for me when we were antique shopping. I have been waiting for a chance to use them and I’m sure you will see them in a future project. They are very delicate, but so beautiful. Perfect for adding a decorative touch to a gift. For another, I used more of my stash of vintage lace that came from my mother. One goal for the year has been to weave in some of the great materials I have collected to create projects that are more meaningful.sea-salt

Aromatic Sea Salt Coconut Oil Hand Scrub


Real Sea Salt  – 1/2 c. – This is the sea salt that I use for cooking and love that it is packed with healthy trace minerals that are stripped from typical table salt.

Coconut oil –  1/4 c. warmed to liquid state

Essential oil combination 1 | jasmine – 2-3 drops, sweet orange – 4-5 drops

Essential oil combination 2 | grapefruit – 4 drops, lavender – 4 drops

Small glass jars – this size works great, but any variety will work.


Mix the sea salt with the warmed coconut oil, add in the essential oils and stir. Fill decorative jars with the hand scrub and use tissue or thin paper, fabric, or burlap to wrap the top, secure with twine or ribbon and slip in the notes. (download the notes below and print). I have added a note for a friend too for a gift any time of the year. Printing quality for notes is best if the  pdf. file is saved to the desktop before printing.

Note: essential oils (The oils I use are from Aura Cacia) – I used combinations of jasmine + sweet orange and lavender + grapefruit for my scrubs but you can look at this post for more essential oil combinations.

Note : the amounts I list are enough to fill 3 jars of the size I have listed above. Experiment with making small batches and find the essential oil combinations you prefer. I chose to make two for mothers and one for a friend. Be sure to make some for yourself too : )

 Free template for gift tags


Enjoy !


NEST + CREATE + NOURISH … on this mother’s day weekend | inspiration by luli sanchez


lovely watercolor images by Luli Sanchez

Blessings to all of you lovely mothers this weekend!

NEST … by embracing your family and all of the special mothers in your life.

CREATE  … by taking a few moments to think creatively, maybe just looking at inspiration for a project or possibly beginning one that has been lingering in your mind. The images above are certainly inspiring me lately.

NOURISH … with (hopefully) some peaceful moments to yourself to rejuvenate and reflect on the goodness of motherhood.


CREATE + NOURISH … with DIY mother’s day essential oil scents | by five and one


Mother’s Day Essential Oil Scents |with Printable Gift Tag

Nourish the mothers in your life with these simple essential oil scents made by blending almond oil and natural, fragrant essential oils. After you make these as a gift you will want to experiment to create fragrant blends for you and your family. What is lovely about these roll on bottles is that you can lightly dab a little on the wrist and rub in for a soothing aromatic scent or simply inhale slowly to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits. Lately my daughter has had a tough time settling down at bedtime so I have used a night time blend with lavender and almond oil to rub on her chest and feet to ease relaxation. I’ve used essential oils for years and especially loved them while being pregnant.  Careful consideration should be taken with essential oils while pregnant since they are very potent, but some can work beautifully for relaxation.  A great reference book is Aromatherapy and Massage for Mother and Baby. Another great essential oil blend that I use often is this Rosemary Lavender Chest Rub. It works great for breathing easier and clearing up congestion.  The kids love chest and foot massages with this when they’re feeling under the weather and it takes a very small pea size amount of oil for each massage. If a blend is ever too strong for you just add more of the carrier oil. I hope you enjoy this simple way of creating a unique scent for someone special or for yourself. For another Mother’s Day gift take a look at this Citrus + Herb Sea Salt DIY with free printable labels.


Assorted essential oils (I used Aura Cacia oils and these can be found online or at a natural health food store)

Almond oil (or another carrier oil such as jojoba oil)

Glass bottles.  I have recently been purchasing these bottles from Amazon. The bottles above were purchased from Making Cosmetics.


Step 1  – fill glass container 1/4″ from the top with carrier oil

Step 2 –  add in one of the following blends

These are some favorite scents but feel free to smell samples and create a blend that works for you.

Lavender, Grapefruit | 3 drops lavender, 6-7 drops grapefruit

Rosemary, Grapefruit | 2 drops rosemary, 6-7 drops grapefruit

Rosemary, Orange, Clove | 2 drops rosemary, 6 drops orange, 1 drop clove

Rosemary, Sweet orange | 2 drops rosemary, 5-6 drops sweet orange

Bedtime blend | 1-2 drops of lavender

Step 3 – print out the following labels and attach with decorative washi tape.

Essential oil scent labels (Save labels to your desktop and print on clear 8 1/2″ x 11″ label paper ) The clear labels do not stay on the glass bottles by themselves but I like the added touch of the washi paper for decoration.  You could also use a white or kraft brown colored label sheet.

Enjoy experimenting and know that you are using a scent that is nourishing you and the environment.

If you already use essential oils, I would love to know you favorite blends.