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NEST … family nature hikes | spring schedule for local kansas city hikes


Happy 1st Day of Spring! It’s a chilly one here…

Join us again this Spring for local hikes on some nearby Kansas City trails. Click on the image above for the schedule of hikes.  All families are welcome to join us in building community while we explore the nature that surrounds us. If you are not local, find your nearby trails and have fun exploring with your family.

View this post from last Spring for some great resources for connecting with your family through nature this season.

- julie

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NEST … have a lovely day !


This is one of our favorite tree stump perches in the forest behind our house and it just happens to be in the shape of a heart. It makes me happy every time I pass by.


I spotted this lovely rock on a hike with my kiddos yesterday. They were so thrilled that we found a heart shaped rock the day before Valentine’s Day. I told them that it must be a sign of God’s love. It also reminds me of this great story of a family who collects heart shaped rocks and displays them in their home.

Have fun starting your own nature collection, maybe even a collection of hearts.

Have a beautiful day!

- julie

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NEST … with woodland winter decor | by five and one

Since moving into our home three years ago I have really enjoyed incorporating natural objects into the decor at different seasons through the year. Winter is a time when I especially like to display the collected sycamore tree bark and the variated twigs to create a  woodland theme and focus on the natural beauty and details of these objects. This year I decided to pair a woodland arrangement with the paintings by my good friend Erin, which are inspired by the coastlines and sandy beaches of Seaside, Florida. The paintings and the arrangement complement each other well and they bring out the beauty inspired by the natural world.   You can view more of Erin’s work here.

The collection of ornaments for this arrangement include thin laser cut ornaments that I picked up a few years ago at George, a local shop with a highly curated selection of beautiful objects. The glass ornaments with feathers inside are from Black Bamboo, another favorite local shop. These were gifts to my husband and children. One child in particular likes to collect feathers and I love this idea for showcasing his collection.  The woodland glass ornaments with the hand stamped leaf is the DIY I had on the blog last week.  What is also nice about using a woodland theme is that it can be used as decor throughout the winter months.

We spend almost all of our time during the winter months in this room by the fire and it is rarely EVER this clean.  Sorry, I had to pick up the legos and blocks, random socks, and my coffee mug for this shot.  Notice the sycamore bark sculpture on the left side of the fireplace – this is another way that I have incorporated natural objects indoors and this one stays all year long.

The star above is made from the variated sycamore twigs and twine and the bowls are filled with vintage glass ornaments and sycamore bark. I have had the vintage ornaments for awhile now but I always enjoy placing these in bowls along with the bark.

Here are a couple of Etsy shops that are carrying vintage ornaments along with some other fun repurposed items to add to your decor.  Also, search your local antique shops for vintage Christmas decor to add to your collection.

moms antiques

primitive pincushion

happy nesting!

- julie

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