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CREATE … sycamore bark art | a natural art canvas


Who needs paper when mounds of sycamore bark covers the backyard? If you’ve followed the blog for awhile you have probably seen this bark used in a variety of ways. It’s a FAVORITE natural medium of ours that falls from the branches of our sycamore trees and during our last storm it was covering the backyard. I have stashes of it waiting for new ways to incorporate it into projects and some extra special pieces I have displayed as their own objects of art. Something I find so endearing is that I will spot a little collection of it and then I’m told ” I was saving this for you mommy, do you want to keep it? “. They know it’s a favorite treasure of mine and they take it very seriously! I have made a sculpture with it here, and tucked valentine love notes in it here.



With this last collection we experimented by adding color to the bark and using stencils. Oil pastels seemed to work the best with the rough texture of the bark and next I think we’ll experiment with opaque watercolors and paint.







Enjoy this last bit of summer and if you spot any interesting bark near your house try using it as a canvas for art.


NEST + CREATE … great day for snow play + cocoa + holiday playlist



It’s a great day for snow play. E’s instructions for a creation | Fill cups with snow, add a little water, add nature collections – acorns, berries, leaves, etc. and carefully carry to the freezer / trying hard not to leave large puddles on the kitchen floor while carrying from sink to freezer : ) Not sure what the next part of the experiment will be but we’ll keep you posted.

It’s also the perfect day for some cocoa and snow stamping!

We’re listening to a great holiday playlist from the Anthropologie blog and making a list for holiday baking. Feeling festive on this snowy monday.

CREATE … woohoo! just made it as a top 5 finalist for the handmade charlotte family craft challenge and would love your vote!


I am so honored to be a finalist in the Handmade Charlotte Family Craft Challenge!!! The other  4 finalists have some pretty creative projects to take a peek at. The Challenge was to create a project using the new Handmade Stencils by Handmade Charlotte for Michaels.

Below is the Nature Art kit that I created for the challenge ( with a little help from my kids) and would be so grateful if you would like to vote for it here on the Handmade Charlotte site. Simply write the number of the nature art kit in the comments section. The Nature Art Kit is #2 and below is a description of the project.  Also consider creating (as a family) some of these art kits of your own for a fall adventure.

thank you, thank you!!



NATURE ART KIT by Julie of Five and One

Create this simple Nature Art Kit together as a family to give to friends, create as party favors, or better yet, invite friends to join your family in a nature hike and share this kit with them to use on a nature hike together. The Nature kit, nestled in a burlap bag, includes an impromptu leaf press for pressing favorite leaves, a white muslin bag for nature collecting, papers, rock, crayons, pencils, and a nature journal for nature sketches and leaf rubbings.
Handmade Charlotte Woodland Stencils
Folk Art acrylic paints (colors: lime green, citrus green, pure orange, and yellow light)
6″ x 9″ burlap bag ( for packaging kit)
4″ x 6″ muslin bag ( to use for nature collections)
(2) 5″ x 7″ cardboard (use with rubber bands as an impromtu leaf press)
(2) wide orange rubber bands
(4) Rock Crayons (to use for drawings and leaf rubbings)
(1) moleskin journal (as a nature journal)
green colored pencil
regular pencil
Assorted 4″x6″ colored cardstock sheets (for nature sketches and leaf rubbings)

To begin creating the Nature art kit start by creating the design pictured or experiment with the Handmade Charlotte forest stencils to create your own forest themes. Paint your themes on the burlap and muslin bags, the moleskin journal, and also the cardboard leaf press. It is helpful to do some practicing on scraps of card stock first. (If you have little ones in the family, let them join in on the creating with scrap fabrics and papers. After the designs are dry, place the rubber bands around the 2 cardboard pieces to create your leaf press and place the remaining items in the bag. Write a short handwritten note to explain what is included or simply explain in person how to use the Nature Art Kit. Have fun exploring the natural world!

Here are the Top 5 projects


Enjoy the weekend!!

– Julie