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NEST + CREATE … with a quick dash of color for your home decor




Looking for a quick idea to freshen up your home decor? This is it! A no-sew, scarf wrapped pillow. When I saw this super simple DIY from Creature Comforts it inspired me to keep an eye out for interesting scarves to try it out. I decided to cover pillows that I was currently using so I could easily take the scarf off and use the pillow again, plus I really didn’t want to buy inserts and then have to find a place to store pillows that I will use again. It would also be fun to scout out vintage scarves or even fabric since the frayed edges don’t show after being tucked inside.  For the pillows above I found scarves at Standard Style, a local Kansas City store. They were having a buy one scarf get one free sale, making these two pillows cost a total of $15 dollars. Nice price for a little splash of color. Take a look at the full instructions on the Creature Comforts blog.

I love simple transformations to brighten up a room. Please share if you have a favorite, simple DIY for home decor. I would love to hear!


NEST + CREATE + NOURISH … cheers to a new year and a messy house

Happy New Year all! After a fabulous Christmas break filled with the messiest of activities and great times building memories with dear family and friends, it’s time to get back to some sort of order in every part of life. With that said, over the past few days I have heard of two families that have lost their homes to fires and I’m reminded of how grateful we are to have this warm and comfortable home, even if the mess and the clutter is a constant. This really isn’t a major, or even a minor, problem right? WE HAVE A HOME and I am counting this messy, unorganized home a blessing!



Above are a couple shots of disaster areas during and after creating. It may not seem like this helps the organization process but they actually USED supplies we have had for a really long time and spent hours creating with legos, cardboard, and hot glue.

I really do want to simplify our home but these recent events have given me a very different perspective on the method and maybe it will just have to be at a slower pace than I have planned. The kids have way too much fun making a mess of it and I really can’t blame them – messy projects are fun!

A few of our favorite activities over the break were baking treats for neighbors, teachers, friends, and family. Making ornaments and sibling gifts. Looking forward to the acts of kindness each day and simply enjoying family time together.

Below are photos from a super easy recipe for kids to help with. Gluten free Almond Orange Snowballs from Recipe Girl. We added in crushed peppermint for some of them and they were delicious.

IMG_3565 IMG_3576


One of the ornaments the kids made using strips of colored paper.


The puppet house that the boys made for Emma



The soccer field James made for Jack with an oversized shoe box lid, paper, pipe cleaners, and netting from bags of fruit. Clearly he was proud of this!


Mind craft figures that Jack made for James using our legos.

Inspired by a gift (below) from Godfather/Uncle Dan, the boys had fun adding layers of armor to their legos + more creations with corks, bottle caps, and wooden beads.






So, instead of always feeling like I have to clean or organize more, I am going to try to embrace the mess just a little bit and be grateful for a house to contain it and the creative kids who live here.

If you would like to donate, even just $1, to the Family fire funds below I know they would be more than grateful for your generosity.

The McCarthy’s family fire fund

The Koehler family fire fund

Enjoy the beginning of a nourishing and peaceful new year and take a moment to read these Resolutions from Pope Francis that should be resolutions for a lifetime, not just for the year ahead.

HAPPY 2014!


NEST …. Our house featured in 50 U.S. Architects

We were certainly honored when Damir Sinovcic asked to feature our home, designed by my husband and I, in his newly published book 50 U.S. Architects.   One Architecture/Design firm from each of the 50 States was chosen including their residential projects.  My talented husband’s architecture firm  Clockwork Architecture and Design (that he co-owns with Neil Sommers), was chosen as the Missouri Architecture Firm.

Designing and building our home was certainly a labor of love and dedication and we are so blessed to have found such a wooded oasis five minutes from the city to raise our family.  Finding modern in Kansas City is near impossible, so the chance to design and build a modern home was certainly a great experience. We are enjoying the view of the changing seasons from our treehouse in the woods.

Soon, I will be sharing more of the sustainable features that we used in the design.  In the meantime, you can view the slideshow of house images from our Dwell magazine article.