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NEST … tranquil 125 sf backyard retreat


Inspiration for this 125 sf backyard retreat began with a salvaged pane of glass and modeled after a train sleeper car. It provides a tranquil retreat framing views of the garden, the rising and setting sun, as well as a place for their children to daydream. In my opinion, the use of technology inside like the iPhone and the devices shown in the desk area defeat the philosophy of being a tranquil retreat, but it’s still inspiring and cleverly designed. View more images at Dwell Magazine.

happy day!


CREATE …. recycled collage valentines | by five and one


These Recycled Collage Valentines were inspired by the cardboard art of Blanca Helga.  Be sure to share her designs with your children, they will definitely spark some creativity!! This was another Valentine craft that was posted before the blog was ready, but I wanted to include it because it is one that the kids really love. It is a simple craft using materials that you most likely already have.  It would also be a great one to place in a frame and take out and display every year, or for giving to a grandparent.


Simply cut apart boxes from the recycling bin, then draw and  cut out heart shapes.  Have your child peel away some of the paper to reveal the ribbed layer of cardboard. Now supply paper, buttons, string, punched paper dots, and whatever you can find that is red, white, and pink that they can glue to their collage heart.


Enjoy creating!


CREATE … hairbands using vintage buttons | a simple birthday gift

Happy 2013 everyone!  I’m so anxious for this new year and new discoveries.  Looking forward to more making and exploring with my family, cooking, baking, learning, playing, hiking, growing food, loving the little things, spiritual time, and sharing quality moments with dear family and friends.

This week my daughter turned the magical age of three and I’m really looking forward to watching her grow and explore this year. For her birthday, I made her a collection of these hairbands + a few for myself. In this world of so much STUFF it is very heartwarming to create something meaningful for giving, but that also takes time and thought.  This little project couldn’t be any simpler.

This is certainly not a new project but it’s a super easy, meaningful gift for any ladies in your life and so fun to search for unique vintage buttons to use.  I found all of these from my mom’s button collection.

Vintage Button Hairbands

you will need ….

A collection of vintage buttons (with holes large enough for hairbands to fit through)

Hairbands in a variety of thicknesses (depends on the size of your buttonholes)

now … 

Choose a button and a hairband.   Slip the hairband through and secure like the image above. If you are having trouble pushing the band through, use a bobby pin to help it through.

That’s it … you’re done!

Hope you are enjoying some meaningful moments with your family in this new year!

– julie