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NEST … happy spring!


Happy 1st day of spring! Looking forward to the fresh air and more time outside. It’s a fantastic day here in Kansas City. All the windows are open and I’m sitting here listening to the birds and watching my sweet four year old peacefully nap. I’m also procrastinating because I really need to be cleaning my house right now. We’re thrilled to be having cousins staying with us tomorrow night and look forward to some fun time outdoors. Here’s a little inspiration for spring cleaning your home naturally, even though we all want to be outside.


natural cleaning tips | wellness mama

natural spring cleaning | natural living

INSPIRATION … with seedlings planted in eggshells + egg carton vases


Seedlings in eggshells from the Fox in the Pine.

I have seen this wonderful idea so many times but have never followed through with it.  I think this is the spring for it.  My daughter loves cracking eggs and planting seeds, so this sounds like the perfect morning craft for us. I also love the tray that she bought from Anthropologie (not sure it is available anymore), but here is a great one from Fish’s Eddy. We hard boil eggs for easy breakfasts and brunches and this would be a great addition to our kitchen collection and for holding the seedling shells.



This lovely spring craft project, the Egg Carton Vase, is from Family Chic. I recently read this article about Camilla on Momfilter and really like her simple crafting + decorating ideas, mostly reusing household items. This would be such a great arrangement for the kids to make for the dinner table and especially at Easter!!

– julie

NEST … savoring the first days of spring

The past week our family has been savoring the first days of spring soaking up all of the changes in our neighborhood and the woods behind our house as new life sprouts and takes shape.  Many of these photos were taken hiking through the woods in our backyard, a place that is so dear to us, and is a source of abundant inspiration and learning.  Some of our favorite early spring bloomers are the redbud trees, paw paw trees (that produce a fruit that tastes like a blend of mango and banana) wild ginger, and celadine poppy, which all are native to our region.  I like planting native trees and plants because they are naturally supposed to be growing in our region which makes them very easy to maintain once they are established. A favorite source for learning about native plants in Missouri and Kansas is Grow Native .  Another great source for finding native plants in all regions is Plant Native.

The weekend was also filled finishing up final touches on our garden fence and starting a spring garden of bok choy, a variety of lettuces, sugar snap peas, regular peas, spinach, and potatoes and checking in on the blackberry and blueberry plants that were planted last year in the hopes of picking at least a handful of fruit this summer.

It is so rewarding for me to grow my own food and know exactly where it is coming from and to watch my children happily pick, prepare, and eat what they have grown and cared for.  It makes all of the hard work of gardening seem so worth it! It is certainly not too late to start your spring garden and I would love to hear about your family’s garden adventures too.

Happy gardening!

– Julie