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NEST … tranquil 125 sf backyard retreat


Inspiration for this 125 sf backyard retreat began with a salvaged pane of glass and modeled after a train sleeper car. It provides a tranquil retreat framing views of the garden, the rising and setting sun, as well as a place for their children to daydream. In my opinion, the use of technology inside like the iPhone and the devices shown in the desk area defeat the philosophy of being a tranquil retreat, but it’s still inspiring and cleverly designed. View more images at Dwell Magazine.

happy day!


NEST + NOURISH … bye, bye microwave



Okay… not sure why it has taken so long to stop using the microwave. It’s been two weeks without it and we haven’t looked back. Actually, I look where it use to be and feel peace because I have a newfound space for nourishing food and a favorite vintage danish decanter, a gift for Christian. Every time I used it I would “lightly” think about the health risks and if it was destroying enzymes in our food? Ours was actually not heating very fast anyway. For example, if I was heating a bowl of soup the stove was just as fast, if not faster. Thanks to St. Nicholas and his family gift of a whirlipop there’s no need for microwave popcorn anymore either, plus it’s just not a good idea anyway!

I’m sure there may be some inconvenient times, but I haven’t found any yet (and I’m in the kitchen ALWAYS).

Not sure you want to make the leap? Just test it out for a couple of weeks. You may be surprised at how gratifying it is to live without one.

Happy weekend!


NEST … with tabletop evergreens + vintage containers

Simple can be so good! Here are nice examples of using vintage objects as containers for tabletop trees, especially the wine crate on the left. Try perusing antique markets for unique editions for your christmas decor and keeping it simple makes it comfortable + sustainable. Planting a small evergreen outside after Christmas seems manageable too.

tabletop evergreen in wine crate | inspiration via poppytalk’s pinterest board.  View more inspiration from Jan on her Holidays board.

tabletop evergreen in metal container | inspiration via Nelleke Langius.  View more inspiration from Langius Design on her Christmas board.

A good resource for vintage inspiration is Greenhouse Design Studio, which was featured in this month’s issue of Whole Living. They have a collection of new and vintage finds plus a whole host of information on green living on their site.

Hope this inspires you to give new life to something old. Also, take a peek at my christmas cheer Pinterest board for more inspiration.

– julie