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NEST … have a lovely day !


This is one of our favorite tree stump perches in the forest behind our house and it just happens to be in the shape of a heart. It makes me happy every time I pass by.


I spotted this lovely rock on a hike with my kiddos yesterday. They were so thrilled that we found a heart shaped rock the day before Valentine’s Day. I told them that it must be a sign of God’s love. It also reminds me of this great story of a family who collects heart shaped rocks and displays them in their home.

Have fun starting your own nature collection, maybe even a collection of hearts.

Have a beautiful day!

– julie

NOURISH …. with dark chocolate almond milk + banana ice cream | by five and one


How about a little rich dark chocolate ice cream to celebrate the holiday?  This recipe is so simple, rich in antioxidants, and really tasty!   Made with just two ingredients, Silk’s brand of Dark Chocolate Almond Milk and bananas + a few dried cherries on top.  If you want to make it extra special for Valentine’s Day add a fruit strip heart punched out with a cookie cutter to top it all off.



3 cups cold Silk Dark Chocolate Almond milk ( usually found in the milk section of the grocery store)

2 bananas

Directions …

Blend almond milk and bananas in a blender and pour into your ice cream maker.  Freeze according to manufacturers directions.

Top with dried cherries and for a fun and easy heart topper use a heart shaped cookie cutter and punch out hearts from a fruit strip.


– julie

NEST + CREATE … with lovely notes wrapped in sycamore bark | by five and one



If you really must have an occasion to write a lovely note to someone you love, then I encourage you to go find a sycamore tree and wrap your note in sycamore bark.  The texture is amazing and what a simple way to incorporate a bit of nature into your valentine giving. This tree is in our backyard and I collect mounds of bark just waiting for ways to use it. This bark is from the branches which makes it perfect for slipping in a note.  Look for bark that has a large enough opening to slip your rolled note in and tie a decorative ribbon around it. It doesn’t get much simpler than that! I also added a stamped heart on one of my pieces of bark.

Ohhh yes,  now you have to masterly craft that perfect love note!


happy sycamore bark hunting!